It's God's will to Heal your Physical Body


God is moving in the lives of so many. Tell us your story. Please email your Healing testimony to us at and we will post it on our site!!

"I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 21. I could barely move any of my joints without being in severe pain. I felt like I was a 21 year old in an old woman’s body. The medicine prescribed helped a bit, but ultimately brought on its own set of health problems and risks. Nights when I couldn’t sleep due to being in so much pain I would read the book of Acts. I believed all the stories in Acts, but struggled with my own disbelief that healing could actually happen to me. God truly used Jesus Heals to break my disbelief that I could be healed and broke my mind set of “the healing lottery”. One day I just felt in my heart that I needed to get off all the medication and put all my trust in God. It’s been 8 months medication free and the doctors can’t really explain it, but I know all the glory goes to God. I can now move pain free! Jesus Heals has been used to not only help me grow spiritually, but ultimately opened my eyes to the amazing healing hand of God."

Thank you for this website and for being an amazing tool for God to use. God Bless! -Janine

"God used this site to change my thoughts on healing. I used to believe in the Healing Lottery, that God had the power to heal me...BUT was it His will to heal me. I suffered in extreme pain for 12 years with Rheumatoid Arthritis. This past year God started changing my thoughts on healing. I would listen to these MP3's on a daily basis to help get my thoughts, beliefs, and actions in line with what God's word was telling me about my healing. Today I no longer suffer from the symptoms of RA, now I walk 100% healed. Praise God and thanks to the crew at for creating a place where I can be encouraged and learn to receive God's healing for my life.

Thanks, Michele

Hi my name is Duane and the great LORD granted me a Miracle.

See I was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the ripe age of 42 and the LORD healed me, yes he made it go AWAY!

I had traveled to the Mayo Clinic all of the local hospitals and several Dr’s looking for help and inspiration and got very grim answers. Some even told me I would or could die in just months while one told me that there was nothing he could do and hoped it wasn’t cancer. It was!

Well I let GOD have control and guess what I had surgery in July of 08 and finished chemo in Feb of 09 they found cancer and removed 1/2 of my pancreas, spleen and many nodes and found cancer in all but the spleen. I had went from 180lbs down to 120 lbs and was looking like death warmed over when God said I am in charge here and boy did he change things.

By October I had started working 3 days a week (just 3 months after what they called one of the most severe surgeries you could have) and when the chemo was over in Feb I begun working full time and now just one year later I have gained all of my weight back plus some and I am working 50hrs a week then coming home and working for the lord.

I want to share this everywhere. See by the docs orders I am supposed to be dead by now and he has no explanation for my recovery. He just say wow your case is remarkable. I just had a three month check up and they found nothing but scars. And they (James Cancer Center in Ohio) now want to use my story to inspire others.

Love and GOD Bless, Duane

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