It's God's will to Heal your Physical Body

Other Healing Audio

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Below is a list of other audio and video files that will build your faith for divine healing.

VIDEO: Healing Video on YouTube

Kenneth Copeland Ministries audio, video and web on healing

AUDIO: Healing scriptures read aloud with peaceful background music

AUDIO: Gods Will to heal Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: Receiving and ministering Healing Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: By His Stripes Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: Humility and Healing Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: Redeemed from the curse of sickness Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: Your faith will make you whole Keith Moore Series

AUDIO: God Wants you well   Andrew Wommack
Health is something everyone wants. Billions of dollars are spent each year trying to retain or restore health. It is a basic desire of all mankind. Anyone who likes sickness must be mentally sick! Yet, religion has told us that God is the one who wants us sick. It even tries to make us believe that sickness is a blessing. That's just not true. God wants you well.

AUDIO: Healing scriptures read with background music

AUDIO: How to receive a miracle  Andrew Wommack
Most Christians do not know how to receive a miracle from God. Learn how to grab a hold of miracles and make them happen. Believing God's Word is the most important step to receiving a miracle. We do not just naturally grow up believing God -- it takes renewing our minds. By finding out what the Bible teaches, you can plant the Word of God and begin to experience your own miracles.

AUDIO: You've already got it  Andrew Wommack
Most Christians believe God CAN do anything, but they don't believe that He HAS done very much. They live their whole Christian lives seeking, trying to get the Lord to heal, deliver, bless, and prosper them; but He's already done it. The true key to the Christian life is to quit asking and start believing and commanding. This series will challenge your beliefs, and if accepted, it will change your life.

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